Tuesday, 31 December 2013

SSMS Auto Recovery

I have been struggling with poor performance on my laptop for sometime, I had realised that the problem was a regular stoppage of everything but couldn't figure out what it was.

Then by luck I spotted "saving auto recovery information" appear on the status bar in SQL Server Management Studio at which point I find myself looking at the auto-recovery options in Tools >> Options. Yes there are loads of blogs indicating how to change the frequency and retention period.

What became apparent is that I have only had this problem since moving to 2012, my 2008 SSMS worked fine, probably because of the absence of auto-recovery features - indeed I was using SSMSBoost but the freebie version is a right pain when the license runs out so I stopped using it.

Back to the topic, what I am missing is how to set the location of the auto-recovery files - I did search all the locations that are listed on line and my files were in none of them, I even manually created the folders in My Documents to see if that would trigger some action to no avail.

Today I found the files and now know why the auto-save is so painfully slow and today would be that day because I am working on a VPN and it turns out that the default document path for my account is set to a network location - hence auto-save is happening to a different town that I am in.

Come on Microsoft make this stuff configurable.